Rustic Woodburning Art.

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Rustic Woodburning was created by myself in 1957, using only the power of 3 magnifying glasses and the power of the sun.

 The object is to create a drawing of an animal etc, trace it off onto the wood that you will use, i.e. Yellowwood, with black carbon paper then sit in the sun and burn the drawing out.

When complete wash, then varnish your board.  

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The Ideal "Rare" gift for the Golfer


Sounds easy…. but rather let the expert do It.

My portfolio consists of, animals, birds, heraldry, ships old and new, aircraft, cars especially of yesteryear, your house name, motorbikes, Marlin, and Sailfish, for the golfer” Drive for Show, Putt for Dough” with a golfer doing a full swing, and a golfer putting the ball in the cup.  

Introducing master wood-burning artist, Geoff Pullen, who will thrill you with his rare form of artwork, with the sole use of solar power. His specialities are, vintage ships, cars, motorbikes, family crests, golf logos, (drive for show, putt for dough), Bird Life, animals, fish, dolphins, and house names.

With 18 years of experience to his name, just call him on his cell 073-257 7503. Or visit him on a sunny day at his kiosk in Woodmill Lane opposite Bitou crafts.

" Striving for perfection, in the world of art."

A Gift for Executive Director - Dennis Alpert of " The Presidents Cup" at Fancourt

This is the "Ravensbury" motor launch built in 1927 sailing on the Knysna Lagoon skippered by Geoff

That’s all for now, so contact me.

Geoff Pullen,

Master Woodburning Artist.

Cell; 073-257 7503 in Knysna

E-Mail :

Fax : 044 382 1762